Sunday Spotlight: Julia Connolly


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Name: Julia Connolly

Occupation: Flight Attendant and Health Coach

Hometown: Vancouver BC

Lives in: Austin, TX

Height:  5’4

Tell us a bit about yourself:

  • Aside from being a fitness fanatic, I am also a wife, animal lover and avid traveler. I have 1 sister and 3 brothers, 2 crazy kittens and an obsession with the color gray! I love insanely hot weather, good people, everything to do with real estate and renos!

What keeps you motivated!?

  • Overall health and the ability to do the things I love. When I was overweight, I would find myself feeling uncomfortable in my own skin and turning down opportunities for fear of being “too fat” or unable to keep up. I never want to feel that way again so my motivation comes from wanting to live my best life…and admittedly, it comes from wanting to look my best too! I am a bit of sucker for “fitsporation” in the form of fitness model and competitors.

How much cardio do you preform a week and what do you usually do?

  • More than I should! I currently do some cardio every day of the week and am actually trying to wean myself off it! It’s addictive! I don’t really watch TV unless I am doing cardio too so I spend about an hour a day on the treadmill, bike, elliptical or stair master, usually watching some junk TV! I also love to hike when I am home in BC but I don’t tend to think of that as cardio so much as enjoying the outdoors. All that being said, I am definitely more of a weights person. I lift heavy and hard 6 days a week and feel like most women would really benefit, both health and confidence wise, from picking up some heavy weights.



What do you take for daily supplements?

  • The only things I am super consistent with are a chew-able multivitamin, powdered BCAAs and apple cider vinegar. I also take at least 1000mg of Vitamin C when I am flying because of all the germs. These days I try to get most of the my protein from whole foods but when I can’t, I will add in protein powder. I will also supplement with Cellucor Super HD or Cellucor C4 Ripped, which are both fat burners, when I am trying to lose weight or am feeling super low on energy.

What do you pack typically in your lunch kit for 4 days of travel/pairing?

  • I am total creature of habit! I always pack the exact same thing: two big Whole Foods salads that split into a total of 4 meal sized salads, a shredded rotisserie chicken, steamer bags of brussel sprouts and broccoli, 1-2 sweet potatoes that I microwave on the road, Greek yogurt, cottage cheese, some fruit and protein bars. This feeds me easily for 4 days and I very rarely buy more than the odd latte on the road.

How do you stay fit when traveling?

  • Sticking to the foods from the lunch kit is a big part of it but I also plan my workouts ahead of time around the hotels and the length of layovers. I pretty much know all the hotel gyms by now and I set my workout schedule around the equipment and plan for rest days on the days I know will be too long to get a good workout in. I also travel with resistance bands for hotels with gyms that lack equipment.  If I am traveling for fun, I walk pretty much everywhere – good exercise and the best way to see the world.

What do you always pack in your carry on luggage?

  • Workout clothes and shoes, resistance bands, protein bars and a hoodie are the only things that are consistently in my bag! I often have no decent clothes for going out to dinner but I have gym stuff! If I am travelling for fun, I definitely pack real clothes but I always have the stuff I need for a quick workout or easy, healthy snack.

What is the best way for a visitor to stay fit in Austin, Texas?

  • Austin is a great city for staying fit honestly. There are great parks you can hike in and there’s 10 miles of lake front trails designed for everything from walking, to bikes and strollers. There are tons of places to rent kayaks, paddle boards and pedal boats from and with the heat, you can get in the water almost year round. Although there isn’t much for public transit, once you get downtown, you can walk anywhere. You can also find a ton of healthy food hidden among all the tex-mex and BBQ!

What is your favourite health inspired restaurant in Austin?

  • Honestly, the Whole Foods here is probably my favorite place for a healthy meal. The main location has almost any type of food you can think of in an almost food court type set up and there’s a bar in the store. I love making my own salad, or getting a stir-fry made up and grabbing a glass of wine with friends.  Hard to beat that! And it makes it easy for everyone to stick to whatever type of diet or eating style they prefer.

What is your favourite city to travel to and why?

  • Vancouver is definitely right up there because it’s home and because I love the lifestyle of being outdoors, eating healthy and drinking coffee. That being said, I also love New York and London because you can walk everywhere! And really anywhere in Hawaii because you can be outside all day!

What is your favourite brand for workout gear?

  • I can’t say I am very brand loyal with regards to workout gear. I’ll wear pretty much anything that fits well but I do like to support smaller companies and I definitely love Flex Till You’re Famous for their one of kind gear.

If you could give any advice to woman that are struggling to follow their dreams what would it be?

  • Pursue your dreams relentlessly but be flexible. What I mean is when you want something, go for it, do not be deterred by others who think you can’t reach your goals. But remember also that sometimes we get so fixated on a goal or dream that we forget that it doesn’t fit into our lives anymore. Really think about what you want, what you want your life to look like and what you need to do to get there…and then go for it! If a dream doesn’t fit anymore, let it go! You don’t have time to get stuck chasing something that no longer matters!



You can contact Juli on her following Social Media:

Twitter @mrsmajseanbond

Insta @juliaconnollyfit

Facebook Julia Connolly – Fat City Fit Training




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