Sunday Spotlight: Nadine Schiavone

We’re so excited to introduce you to our first Sunday Spotlight of the year, Vancouverite Nadine Schiavone. Kay and Nadine first crossed paths well over 5 years ago serving at a restaurant together in downtown Vancouver. Nadine has a special warm energy and vibrant smile that made her wonderful to work with. In the past 3+ years it’s been amazing to watch her journey and transformation as she pursued her passion for yoga. Over the years, she’s been inspiring us and others with her consistency and growth as a yoga teacher. She inspires us to follow our passions and pursue that which we love. Its been truely beautiful to watch someone progress into their purpose. You can follow Nadine on Instagram @yogi_nadine or attend one of her yoga & fitness classes at Oxygen Yoga,



Name: Nadine Schiavone
Occupation: Yoga & Fitness Instructor
Hometown: Yellowknife, NT
Lives in: Maple Ridge, BC

Tell us a bit about yourself & how you came to be a yoga instructor?

I was born in Thunder Bay, Ontario and around the age of 3 my family moved to Yellowknife, Northwest Territories. I lived there until I was about 17. I ended up in Vancouver summer of 2007.

In my years leading up to becoming a Yoga Instructor, I attendend multiple colleges testing out hotel & restaurant management, Early Childhood Education & Hair School. At the same time I tried SO many different jobs; restaurants, flower shops, clothing stores, airlines, and nanny work (never again). Before I found my career I was working a mining job making great money but I wasn’t at all happy. Leaving was necessary as I refused to be unhappy and settle for the money. I ended up quitting and about a month later my best friend brought me to a Yoga class and the rest is history!
Walking into the yoga studio for the first time, I felt a sense of calmness and relaxation that I’ve never felt before. My favourite Mariah song was on (bonus) and I remember laying down thinking ” is this real life?”. The non judgmentmental and energetic environment allowed me to open up to the desire to tune into the feelings that run through my body, I wanted to experience this everyday. That day, I signed up for the 200 hour yoga teacher. Ten years prior,  I was asked to try yoga and I laughed and said “only hippies do that”. I was a completely different person.
Yoga has brought so much more awareness to my life internally and externally. It has humbled me. Yoga has made me see life much clearer. I no longer live in the shadows of lifes expectations and realize I have a choice. I can choose to do whatever I like and feel whatever I like. My life goals have less to do with money and more to do with being present, loving life, and learning how to do a handstand!

The Yoga Teacher Training has made me really tap into my body, mind, and spirit. For the first time in my life, I can be in the moment. This journey encourages me to be mindfull. At random parts of the day I take the time to stop and reflect on where I am at, and how I feel. I have became a much more emotional, peaceful and energy loving human; who is continuously learning and growing more into this role. This is a journey that never stops, I always want to keep learning.

What keeps you motivated to stay fit!?

The amount that my body changed once I started my yoga practice. Inclusive to incorporating a healthier lifestyle. I love the feel good endorphins you get after any type of sweat session.

What forms of workout do you preform a week and how often?

I TRY to be active everyday. If I’m not in the studio teaching, I’m usually there fitting in my own practice. The studio I work at isn’t just a yoga studio, its a sacred space. Its like therapy and a spa altogether, plus a workout. I love being there!
What do you take for daily supplements?
I teach in an infrared hot yoga studio so staying hydrated is my main focus. Lots of water! I drink at least 3.5-4 litres a day.

When I remember Vitiam B12. I live off of  lemon water.

How do you stay fit when traveling?

My boyfriend and I travel a lot! We usually spend a few nights scooping out the best hikes and walking adventures. We just got back from Hawaii and we hiked everyday, it was amazing. Because fitness is such huge part of my life, I have to be sure to keep active everyday.
I always make sure my water intake is the same as home. I try to be mindful, and don’t over eat: the hardest part because I LOVE food.

What do you always pack in your carry on luggage?
A HUGE water bottle . Water can be so pricy at the airport! I’m water obsessed, if you couldn’t tell by now.
Gravol, for motion sickness: I get the worst motion sickness.
I also take my makeup and hair straightener. Replacing this if it was in my checked bag would be so costly!
A Pen: the last thing that I want is to land and not have any of paperwork filled out!
Truthfully, I never eat healthy on the airplane, I haven’t since I was a kid. Its my time to allow for treats!

What is your favorite city to travel to and why?

There are two places I absolute love and as of now I can’t quite pick one.

1st :
Honolulu , Hawaii. My love for Hawaii started when I first stepped out of the aircraft at the Honolulu International Airport and smelled a burst of fresh flowers. I find myself daydreaming about waking up before the sun comes up to catch the sunrise from Diamond Head Mountain, followed by the perfect kona coffee and matching it with a fresh pineapple. Then rejuvenating the body to take on the days next adventure. I love how everyone is always so friendly. Also how life moves slower than everywhere else. Aloha!
Maroochydore, Quensland
Australias sunshine coast! It’s where my mom and stepdad live. It has beautiful beaches, great weather and a totally relaxed feel. You can’t beat the world class scenery and being able to go to your mothers for a home cooked meal! I’m so lucky to be able to travel there so often to visit such a beautiful country. I love dragging my mom to all the funky cafes that I find on instagram. They offer some of the coolest desserts, raw food, and vegan options that I’ve ever seen! Australians love to be up early. You can stroll to the beach at 4:30 am (on those jet legged mornings) and see all of the surfers out in the water and the joggers starting their day. It’s a very fitness based community. Local restaurants start to open up at a about 5:30 am to accommodate all the early risers caffeine needs.

What is your favorite brand of yoga gear?
I wear a lot of lululemon. The materials are quick drying and breath well. This comes in handy while teaching in +38 degree infrared studios!
If you could give any advice to woman that are struggling to follow their passion what would you say?
A few weeks ago my mom told me she was thinking about quitting her job, unhappy there for a significantly LONG time. She said that I inspire her so much, through watching me love what I do.  Due to this, she made the choice to move on, and quuit her job to pursue something that she actually loves to do. My mom, quit her job? Because I inspired her? It took a while for that to sink in. I love having an impact on other peoples lives, another reason why I know that I’m in the right career. To date, this has been the best compliment ever received! Follow the heart!

I am such an advocat for doing things that make you happy. I was unhappy for so long: following my passion saved my life. Be patient and breath! If its meant to be it will be. Nothing is easy, everything takes work.

If you could give any advice on how to add a bit of yogi zen to our daily lives, what should we do?

Take a yoga class.
Keep live plants! They’re a growing reminder of life that needs to be taken care of ❤

Breath deeper.

I love this lululemon quote : “Breath Deeply & appreciate the moment.
Living in the moment could be the meaning of life”.




Spotlight Sunday: Kamantha Naidoo

Kam part 2 finished-4

Kamantha Naidoo is an experienced Counsellor and Educator who now specialises in Health and Wellness Coaching and Personal Training with a passion for helping others ‘be the best they can be’.

She believes that there is an undeniable connection between the mind, body, and soul and has been helping others understand themselves through integrative practice of combining fitness, health and wellness coaching, with an emphasis on ‘clean eating’.


Name– Kamantha Naidoo

Profession– Lifestyle Coach/Wellness Educator (Formally a Family Counsellor and part-time School Teacher).

From– I was born in the colourful city of Durban in South Africa but my parents brought me to Canada just before turning two. I lived mainly in Canada until the age of 15 (with the exception of living in South Africa aged 9 until 11), and spent the majority of my adolescence and young adulthood in Australia. I only just returned to live in Canada in 2014 and I am very proud to call Canada my home…for now.

Lives in– Vancouver, Canada

Tell us a bit about yourself:

I have been a traveler from a very young age and a bit of a gypsy having lived in over 8 different cities before I turned 23. I come from a big family, with countless cousins, aunts and uncles. I am definitely a family person and I have always loved returning home to South Africa to spend time with my extended families. The catch 22 with having a big family is that an abundance of love is also typically accompanied with an abundance of sadness. I have lost many loved ones throughout my lifespan and sometimes death has been a very hard concept to swallow. In my family it is a fact that many of my relatives have passed on due to lifestyle related illnesses such as diabetes, heart disease and stroke. In my young adulthood as a Family Counsellor I began working more often with clients who had similar illnesses and it was a lot more ‘in my face’. It became apparent to me that these type of illnesses would also become my fate if I didn’t make better lifestyle choices.  As a result I completely changed my eating habits, started a workout regime, and also dedicated my life to finding a way to help others to do the same. I furthered my studies in fitness and specialized my career in Lifestyle Coaching so that I could help my clients find and become the best version of themselves on the right life path. Healthy eating, active living, and healthy thinking are the 3 main elements of what I preach and practice. I am very passionate about helping our world open its eyes to the pollutants in our food industry and make better eating choices, helping the community live a more active lifestyle through simple fitness, and provide inspiration for a healthier mind.

What is an interesting fact that no one knows about you:

My childhood dream job was actually to be a flight attendant for Singapore Airlines.

What keeps you motivated?

Knowing that life keeps getting better with each day that passes and that its up to me to keep up with the pace of where I take myself. Once I discovered what it felt like to have a healthy fit body along with my newly found zest for life, I wouldn’t trade in my current lifestyle for my old habits at any price. I am fascinated by the way I keep progressing physically, mentally and spiritually.  The only thing that gives me more joy is when I hear the same from my clients.

How often do you perform cardio?

To be honest I’m not a cardio-fanatic nor do I think I need to be. I try to include at least 10 minutes of some form cardio exercise in my daily living. On my workout days, I always start with 10-20 minutes of running on the treadmill or outside.

Do you supplement your weight training and cardio with any other activities?

I do a lot of circuit training for increased strength and calorie burning. I enjoy pilates and yoga, but no words can describe my absolute love for HOT YOGA! I always feel like I have stepped out of heaven after a hot yoga session.

Absolute bliss! 🙂

Which do you prefer and why….steady state cardio or HIIT?

I prefer HIIT as opposed to steady state cardio. It helps to burn calories faster and also provides some variation during the workout. Switching it up makes the workout more fun.

What are some of your best training apps for someone who wants to get in shape and get ripped?

When it comes to fitness technology I am not completely up to date, however I think that Fit Star has some great features such as shorter workouts tailored for you and your goals. I often recommend fitness videos for those who want to get in shape on their own. My favourite celebrity personal trainer is Jillian Michaels and her videos are great! I also produce my own workout videos that can be found on my youtube channel.Check them out.

What are your tips “nutritionally” for getting shredded abs?

Ditch the processed foods that are high in refined carbs, sugars, sodium, and preservatives. ‘Abs are made in the kitchen!’ Foods that are truer to their natural state are always my first pick. I start every morning with an all organic low-sugar fruit and veggie smoothie made typically with spinach, 1 half-ripe banana, 1 kiwi, and filtered water. Sometimes I add green apples, celery or other low sugar fruit options, I am always creating new delicious smoothie recipes. I choose fresh leafy green veggies like spinach, bok choy, or kale  to fill 3/4 of my plate at every meal. I usually sauté my protein packed veggies like organic corn, mushrooms, and potatoes in virgin unrefined coconut oil. In between meals I drink lots of water, and snack on foods high on good fats like unsalted raw nuts, coconut flesh, and avocados. I also include some of my snack food choices like avocados in my meals and they keep me fuller for longer. I typically choose quinoa as a carbohydrate as it is also high in protein and superior to rice, corn, and other carbs.

What does your post workout nutrition  and supplementation look like?

I usually have a protein packed snack like nuts and include protein-packed veggies in my next meal following my workout.  On a daily basis I take a few vegan supplements including an organic multivitamin, pure vitamin C, olive leaf extract, and milk thistle.

I have never really seen the need for workout supplements as I believe most of what our body needs can be found naturally occurring in our foods.

What are your favorite cheat meals and foods?

I don’t ever call my moments of ‘not-so-healthy’ food choices ‘cheat meals’ because cheating feels like a negatively loaded word. I never ever count calories because I think that makes food less fun. However 1-2 times a month I indulge in foods that have ingredients that should be eaten in moderation and I will enjoy a gluten-free pizza or pasta with lots of fresh veggies and mozzarella or tuck into veggie nachos with my friends. I also love organic gluten free desserts made with natural sweeteners like dates, honey, or stevia.

Do you meal prep daily or weekly?

I always keep my fridge full of fresh fruits and veggies. My breakfast, lunch, and dinner are all prepared 10-15 min prior to meal-time. I actually never prep my foods beforehand unless I am preparing my salad for lunch the next day if I have a long day out of the office and away from my kitchen.

What are some of your favorite motivational quotes?

“The only person you should ever be in competition with is YOURSELF”

“Stop Wishing…Start Doing.”

“You are exactly where you are supposed to be.”


You can connect with Kamantha (The Health Babe) on the following platforms:

The Health Babe TV:


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Spotlight Sunday: Rebecca Rider


We have travelled to far off countries with this girl and now have the pleasure to not only to call her a good friend but a co-worker. This beautiful blonde will surprise you with her talents and determination. We have watched her salsa through the night in the costal town of Sorrento, Italy. We would run the crazy stairs together in Positano, only to ensure we got our cardio in while everyone thought we were crazy, especially the Italian taxi drivers watching us repeat this. Did we mention she has the voice of an angel and is always up for a two step dance off.  She loves adventure and will be sure to motivate you to stay true to yourself. She lives a balanced live of hard work and fun. This is why we love her! This is Miss Rebecca Rider….

Name: Rebecca Rider

Occupation: WestJet Pilot (First Officer)

Living in: Calgary AB

Tell us a bit about yourself:  I am originally from an acreage outside of Calgary, Alberta.  I decided I was going to be a pilot at the age of ten and dove right into pursuing that dream and didn’t focus on anything else. Just in the last few years I have really discovered myself and have focused on becoming exactly the person I want to be.  My life revolves around people first, health and fitness second, and travelling.  It is my goal to help inspire and encourage others to have faith in them selves and to pursue their goals and dreams. I have been very fortunate to have a strong group of supporters and encouragers and I want nothing more than reciprocate that to others.

What is your biggest accomplishment to date: I would have to say getting my job as a pilot with WestJet has been my biggest accomplishment to date, but I definitely didn’t do it alone.  I have the most wonderful people in my life who have backed me up, encouraged me, and put their name on the line for me to get me here.   I have had the goal of working for WestJet from the time I decided I was going to be a pilot.  I was ten years old and it still hasn’t fully sank in that I am here, but I made it.

We know fitness is a huge part of your life, how do you tackle times when you have short layovers to fit in a quick workout?  I find that regardless of what tiny little town you are in on a layover you can find a treadmill or if it’s not below freezing you can get outside.  If I’m very limited on time I’ll run sprints, preferably outside, or if need be on the treadmill.  The trendy term now is High Intensity Interval Training, HIIT.  It is absolutely the best way to shed fat.  Aiming for ten sets of 30 seconds on as hard as you can then a 30 second break, or 45 on 15 off, the goal is to push your body to the max.  You can get this done in 15-20 minutes and you will get great results.

What supplements do you incorporate into your daily routine?  I have a pretty long list that is a bit excessive. Daily I take fish oil, multivitamins, BCAAs, L Glutamine, L Carnitine, and a whey isolate protein. My biggest suggestion for supplements is to stay away from artificial sweeteners.  If fitness isn’t a huge part of your life I would recomend fish oil and multivitamins as part of anyone’s daily routine.

What is your favorite brand of work out gear? Lorna Jane is my absolute favourite. I am a sucker for cute work out clothes.

What is your favorite shake recipe? I now stick to straight protein shakes over the fruit and veggie smoothies I used to eat.  I realized they are packed with more sugar than I want in my diet. I now stick to Perfect – Diesel Whey Protein which is one of the cleanest products I have been able to find.

What is an absolute “must pack” for you when travelling the globe? Well my nikes, but second on the list I would have to say coconut oil.  It is so multipurpose I can’t live without it. I use it as a makeup remover, hair mask, moisturizer, tanning oil, I even put it in my coffee.

Tell us about your favorite vacation: I can hardly narrow it down! Every trip has a different highlight and learning experience.  Most recently my favourite trip would have to be the Greek Islands and Istanbul. The Greek Islands are beyond beautiful, with so much to do from hiking, great restaurants, but most of all the Greeks were the friendliest people I have met in my travels to date.  They are so willing to take you in and show you what life is like in their world. What topped that trip off was meeting new friends that then took me to Istanbul during Ramadan.  I had very little understanding of Turkey as a country or the Muslim faith so being shown around by locals during such a key time was unbelievably fascinating.

What is your advice to those who have a tough time committing to a fitness regime.  Give yourself a manageable goal. If you never go to the gym then start by trying to go two times a week, if your diet is way off track then start by cutting out something manageable. Once it becomes a part of your lifestyle then try adding another day at the gym and revising another piece of your diet. It’s not easy changing our lifestyles, but when you are consistent and start seeing the results you won’t want to fall back to your old habits.

If you could give any advice to your 20 year old self what would it be?  I would say surround yourself with strong positive people you want to emulate. I believe the people in your life are truly the key to success.  And I would say, “Keep going! You’re going to make it!”  At 20, it can seam as if there is no end in site.   Life seemed quite hard and discouraging and yet six years later I have landed the dream job as a pilot for WestJet. In the grand scheme of things six years is really not that long.  I would say it’s worth the struggle and the effort.  You will succeed if you are determined not to give up.


You can follow Rebecca and her world travels on instagram @rgr13fit





Sunday Spotlight: Olivia Keane

We are proud to introduce you to Miss Olivia Keane. She inspired us to create Kat and Amiea and share our lives with you. As a mentor and fitness coach, this magnetic woman has been one of the most influential people to cross our paths. Her intoxicating motivation and perseverance continuously encourages us to embrace and share our knowledge and experience. We would have never guessed that 15 years later after meeting on a elliptical at a gym that we would become close friends joining a journey  together in health and fitness. Thank you Olivia for everything that you are and everything that you do.
Name: Olivia Keane
Occupation: Health Coach/ Digital Marketer
Lives in: Vancouver & Victoria BC
Tell us a bit about yourself: I was born and raised in Victoria, BC. Every since I can remember, I have been driven to empower others; especially women, to thrive and shine from the inside out! I started a health and fitness company, Keane 2 Be Fit with my sister Naomi back in 2009. Since then, I have been coaching with fitness, nutrition and hormone balancing to help inspire positive growth and self esteem in others. I also love marketing, making videos and travelling, so I do that too!
What is your favorite body part to work out and why? Glutes because they are a powerhouse muscle group in the body and working on them helps with posture, running, and having a nicely shaped booty:)
What is your favorite breakfast in the morning? Eggs with tomato, spinach & avocado and steamed yams.
What type of diet do you follow? I don’t follow one per se. However, I focus on eating as much whole, real foods as possible with very little dairy or wheat. Colour, flavour and texture are things I keep in mind while choosing foods and cooking healthy.
Where is your favorite place to travel to and relax? Somewhere warm, with a good book and delicious food.  I love meeting and learning about different cultures. I guess that doesn’t really sum it up lol but if I had to pick a place so far I would say Puerto Rico has been my favourite place to travel to and relax.
You travel a lot between cities, what is the one thing you keep in your purse to munch on? Piece of fruit, nuts, and portable clean, protein bars. Or, I will bring a couple of pre-made meals for longer travel days.
What do you recommend to people trying to travel and keep healthy? Stay hydrated and do not skip meals to maintain proper blood sugar levels. Pack snacks for the plane.
What is your biggest accomplishment to date? Running a business that doesn’t feel like work and helping people in the process:)
If you could educate/stress one thing to women in regards to their health what would it be: The importance of managing stress levels in everyday life. We live in a time where a lot is expected of us from day to day. Our bodies to a cellular level have not changed since 10,000 years ago but our lifestyles certainly have. Everything from the quality of food we eat, the amount of hours we work, the demands we put on ourselves, the sleep we don’t seem to be getting enough of, etc.
All of this creates stress and can put our bodies into a fight or flight state. One thing I always try to help my girls understand is that when our stress hormone (cortisol) is high, our testosterone, which is what we need to build muscle and burn fat CANNOT be high at the same time. Hence why it is so difficult to lose weight under stress. That being said, focusing on  “working in” first with hormone balancing and proper nutrition before “working out” will help ensure you are not putting more stress on an already stressed out body. Meaning, if you focus on getting the inside working properly first, the outside will take care of itself. From there, it will be much easier to reap the benefits of your efforts and live healthy!
You can connect with Olivia on the following platforms:

Sunday Spotlight: Megan McDonald



You are perfect and never more beautiful than when you show up raw and real. This explains Miss Megan to a tee. Her inspiring journey to recovery has motivated us to be a better version of ourselves.  She kills it in the corporate world but doesn’t loose sight of who she is or where her heart remains. The healthy work-life balance she has constructed allows her to focus on her passions and her purpose. We present to you this shining star: Megan McDonald! Thank you Megan for everything you do and everything you are. Your authenticity truly energizes us!

Name: Megan McDonald

Occupation: Vice President Sales (and Sales Coach)

Hometown: Squamish, BC.

Lives In: Vancouver, Yaletown.

Tell us a bit about yourself: I am a recovering workaholic finding peace in meditation, exercise and exploring our beautiful mother earth. My path to health was not direct. Even though my parents were both fitness fanatics and were a great examples of health and fitness I stumbled through my life to find my way. My mother was a personal trainer and my father competed in body building competitions as a young man. I grew up on almond butter and large raw salads (my mother’s favorite). In my early 20’s after attaining an Arts Degree from the University of Victoria and time spent studying at the British Columbia Institute of Technology I entered the work force. I loved working (sounds odd I know), but it allowed my competitive side flourish and my ability to focus made it easy. I worked my way up the ranks within my industry very quickly, but at a huge price. My physical and spiritual health was declining as my professional career was gaining momentum. At 32 I got divorced and hit a physical and spiritual rock bottom. I had to make a choice. I regained my life balance through committing to healthy habits and finally adding the word NO to my vocabulary. I set realistic boundaries and made time for healthy eating and physical fitness. I attribute my success to the influence of my family and my fiancé. My fiancé challenged me to look at our beautiful planet in a different way. To see a world of abundance, not scarcity. To see ease, not challenge. To focus on love, not fear. My health is my choice and I now choose it every day.

What is something about you that no one knows? I like RISK! I owned and rode a motorcycle for two years. After seeing the movie Tomb Raider (not the best movie ever!) I was inspired to ride. I also went sky diving earlier this year and enjoyed the opportunity to fully surrender. Being fully present is an amazing feeling. Both these activities allowed the greatest amount of presence I have ever experienced.

What is your definition of “being healthy”. Healthy is a habit and a choice. Like happiness, it does not happen to you, you make it happen. I am a creature of habit and make consistent healthy choices every day. I define “being healthy” as feeling good! When I make healthy choices I feel good, physically and spiritually.

What is the most amazing thing your body has done for you? Recovered and became physically stronger from a health scare and surgery in 2012. I was suffering from chronic pain in my abdomen and was miss diagnosed for two years. When I received the proper advice and help I choose surgery. I was off work for 3 months. With my mothers support (healthy meals and daily gym visits) I regained my strength and grew an entirely new appreciation for my body and spirit.

You travel a lot for work, what are your rituals that keep you inline with your fitness goals? Water, water and more water! Staying hydrated is my number one. The second most important thing for me is sleep. My body needs time to recover and rebuild strength. Sleep is a very underestimated health benefits. After that it is keeping up with my healthy habits. I frequent juice bars (Freshii in Toronto) and ensure the majority of my meals are plant based.

What are your essentials (health/fitness) that you must pack on the road with you? Water, nuts (almonds and cashews) and dried fruit.

How do you stay nourished on the plane? Water, nuts (almonds and cashews) and dried fruit. I am also excellent at sleeping on planes. It’s my time to relax: no emails, no phone and no interruptions. I recognize this pressure time as personal. I sleep,  read,  listen to inspiring audio tapes and catch up on old school action movies (I know, the last one is strange but I grew up with an older brother in the 80’s).

What is your favorite place you have been to and what makes it so magical? It’s a tie between Greece and Thailand. Greece for the incredibly beautiful Mediterranean Sea and Thailand for its beautiful people. Both countries are magical because they filled my soul with peace and reinforced me to be kind to our planet and the people who occupy it.

What culture/country inspires you with being healthy and why? The Thai culture/ Thailand inspired me to be healthy. I love their curries with vegetables. The flavours are amazing and I love the incorporation of coconut milk. It fills me up, but does not weigh me down. The abundance of fruit, especially fresh mango on the beach made snacking between meals enjoyable and refreshing.

How do you stay in shape when travelling? If a gym is not available I walk and step my way to a healthy balance. I take the stairs and walk every day. It’s the best way to see the country or city you are in. I also travel with a foldable yoga mat for yoga anytime anywhere!

What is the one thing that alleviates stress with your busy lifestyle? Meditation. I use my Bose noise cancelation earphones to remove the white noise and take time to listen to the silence and my own breathe.

If you could give any advice to those that are struggling with maintaining a healthy lifestyle it would be: Take it one healthy step at a time. Incorporate one healthy element a month. Give yourself 21 days to make it a habit. Our habits sustain real change. Diets are gimmicks and sell radical change. Radical change is not sustainable. Your body and mind need time to adjust, let go and adapt.






Sunday Spotlight:Renée Mildenhall

We met this radiantly beautiful woman a few years ago in Bordeaux, France. The first impression she made still shines through to this day. She is a world traveller who is extremely dedicated to her health and fitness. We are incredibly excited to share our interview with Miss Renée!!!!
Name: Renée Mildenhall
Occupation: Flight Attendant
Lives In: Sydney, NSW
Hometown: Tully, QLDTell us a bit about yourself:
I’m a fitness enthusiast and am very blessed to work as a flight attendant on a unique contract. I love what I do, and it provides me with a lifestyle that also allows me to pursue the other wonderful things I enjoy like weight training and cooking to name a few!

What are your favorite fitness activities?
Lifting them heavy weights! I train my legs, back, arms, chest and shoulders. For cardio I like to use the stair master, elliptical and run.How many times a week do you work out?
5-6 days per week with 1-2 rest days, depending on energy levels. Always trying to listen to my body.

What are your favorite foods?
I love eating simple and clean foods including lots of steamed vegetables, mixed salads, fruit, nuts and protein. My all time favourite dish is a fragrant Thai Green Curry which I’ll also occasionally enjoy!

What can we find in your lunchkit?
An insulated lunch bag with 2 ice bricks which is big enough to fit my prepped meals but not so big that I hog the aircraft fridge! I take enough for that day and buy foods at local supermarkets on my layovers which I prep in my hotel room.
What are your “MUST” Items to take on the road when travelling?
I often carry little protein snacks, a piece of fruit and some nuts with me when I am on trips. My protein shaker bottle, and my gym gloves to help avoid getting calisters.What do you bring to eat with you on the plane?
Fruit and greek yoghurt for breakfast. For lunch usually coleslaw/rocket salad with some tuna in olive oil and avocado. For snacks I like dry roasted almonds and mini musashi protein bars – favourite flavour is tiramisu, love those! Aussie bodies do a nice mini protein bar in a favour called rocky road which is nice, low carb too! On longer days I will take an extra meal – usually a small piece of red meat with steamed zucchini, broccolini and sweet potato which I can heat up on the aircraft.

How do you stay fit and nourished when being away from home?
I prepare all of my own foods on layovers, and I always start my day with a workout in a nearby gym. I never let being away from home interfere with my lifestyle. Admittedly the gyms aren’t as good away as they are the one in my home town, but that doesn’t stop me from being able to get a good session in! I try to improvise and do the research to find new exercises that I can incorporate into my routine based on the equipment I have at hand.

What supplements do you take with you when travelling?
I sometimes take a pre-workout supplement to have before my gym workout. I like Gold Standards preworkout in pineapple. I will always have with me some intra workout branch chain amino acids to assist with recovery. My favourite is Scivation Xtend in a blue raspberry flavour. The sooner my muscles recover the sooner I can get back to training!

What’s your favorite city/country to travel to and why?
I love europe for it’s romance, historical depth, true four seasons (for us Aussies, at least), and stunning architecture. I can’t wait to go back there with

The best advice you can give to anyone is….

Be prepared! A failure to plan is plan to fail. Stay committed to what you love, be true to yourself, and only invest your time in those who deserve it and are willing to reciprocate. I’ve learnt a lot of hard lessons in this life, but without them I would not be the strong individual that I am today

Sunday Spotlight: Melanie Emlyn


We can not say enough about this sexy girl, she is a close friend and previous colleague. Her smile and enthusiasm for health is absolutely incredible. She personally motivates us to educate ourselves further when it comes to our bodies. We just  love Melanie!

She is a Holistic Nutritionist, food blogger and creative recipe expert. Melanie’s education includes receiving her diploma in Holistic Nutrition from the Institute of Holistic Nutrition Vancouver, competition of the Jiivala Holistic Culinary Entrepreneurship Program and Level 1 Raw Food Chef Certification from Living on Live Foods.

Melanie’s most passionate about world travel, yoga & meditation and introducing people to a healthier plant-based, allergy-friendly lifestyle.

Name: Melanie Emlyn

Occupation: Front Office Coordinator & Chef (Holistic Nutritionist)

Lives In: Vancouver, B.C.

What are your favorite fitness activities?

I have always been an athlete and love so many different kinds of movement. Recently i’ve been draw to Hatha Yoga, a slower more grounding practice, and dance! Specifically Sexy Street Jazz where sexy meets hard-hitting. Throw on heels and red lipstick and get an amazing work out while connecting with your feminine side.

 How many times a week do you work out?

If I could work out everyday twice a day I would but the body needs rest and my daily practice is to listen to what my body wants. Currently I would say I work anywhere from 3-6 times a week.

What are you favorite foods?

LOVE this question. It’s always so hard to choose because I have so many! I am obsessed with healthy fats right now and all the amazing things they do for your body like lowering inflammation and protecting your myelin sheath ( the nerve bundles in your brain and spinal cord). Top choices are avocado’s, organic eggs, raw walnuts and sun-dried black olives.

 What are your “MUST” Items to take on the road when travelling?

As a former Flight Attendant i’m no stranger to traveling. I can’t sleep without my fitted ear plugs and eye mask. E-reader filled with fantasy & health books. Podcasts from Joe Rogan & Bulletproof radio. Lululemon pants & my supplement survival kit. (see below)

What do you bring to eat with you on the plane?

Traveling without liquids is tough but I’ve actually gotten a special note from my doctor saying it was OK for me to bring on liquid foods before! This is a real thing and it’s amazing for those long flights over sea’s. I always pack lots of macro-bars, kale chips, chopped veggies, a big salad, raw nuts and Mary’s Jalapeño crackers.

 How do you stay fit and nourished when being away from home?

Schedule everything! This may sound nuts but if I plan before hand to work out and research hikes, fitness classes & yoga studio’s I want to do and buy the passes, I will go. If not, then i’ll walk all over the city and call that a work out.

What supplements do you take with you when travelling?

  •  Magnesium – keeps muscles relaxed and helps with bowel movements from all that foreign food.
  • Cleanse More – In case you have a lot of trouble with those bowel movements from dehydration.
  • B Complex – Boosts energy & helps with hangovers.
  • Probiotics – Amazing to keep you regular and fight off any nasty bacteria you might catch.
  • Party Pills – Helps your liver bounce back from a hard night out. 😉
  • Chia Seeds – Filled with protein & energy. I’ll put it in my water if i’m hungry and need a snack.
  • Activate Coconut Charcoal – Literally the most important thing in my kit! If you eat anything weird or off or just not in your standard diet then you take these and they absorb all toxins. They decrease bloating, nausea, headaches, hangovers.
  • Melatonin – Especially great for time change.
  • Chamomile & ginger Tea – Soothe body & mind as well as boosts immune system.

What’s your favorite city/country to travel to and why?

What a tough question…..It would have to be NYC. I know it’s cheesy but they have a HUGE health scene over there and every time I get to try new amazing cafe’s, restaurants, juice bars and apothecary’s. Plus the energy there is incredible.

Who is your mentor and why?

I love Marie Forleo because she is a power house who has built herself from the ground up. She has a powerful message and has tons of fun doing it. I’m also constantly inspired my fellow nutritionist who continue to inspire me.

The best advice you can give to anyone is….

Your body speaks to you everyday all day in all sorts of ways. Being healthy for me is about learning to listen. Creating the space and time to dive into your body and listen to what it has to say. I like to check in with my body daily by taking 3 deep breaths and then ask myself “How am I feeling right now?”. If something comes up like stress or anxiety, depression you can address it instead of trying to bury it. When we bury feelings & thoughts they can surface in many ways such as pain, inflammation, dis-ease and dis-orders. Health is about all sorts of things but we get one body in this time so be kind and listen to it.

Instagram: @melemlyn