The Bucket List: The Blue Lagoon


If you are like us the Blue Lagoon has been on your Bucket List for sometime now. Finally, it has been checked off ours and we can’t wait to go again.

Here are some interesting facts to know before hitting the Spa

  • The Blue Lagoon is actually a manmade lagoon and is situated next to the Blue Lagoon Hotel. Years ago, a nearby power plant, Svartsengi, was drilling to create electricity and hot water for nearby communities and the lagoon was an accidental byproduct of this process.
  • It is now a Geothermal Spa and is run like most other day spas you find around the world. There is accommodation, as well as saunas, steam rooms, restaurants & cafes, lockers, showers, and more.
  • The geothermal water features three active ingredients: Silica, Algae & Minerals.
  • The water looks blue, but it is actually white. The reflection from the sun changes the color to a blue tint. The water temperature is a perfect 37-40°C (98-104°F), year-round. The water is not hot-hot, it feels more like warm bathwater. Though, after swimming around to different areas, you will notice there are hot pockets around the sides of the lagoon.

Getting There

  • The Blue Lagoon is about 45 minutes outside of Reykjavik and about 20 minutes away from the airport. There are shuttle transfers available to the Lagoon from both locations. We bought our package through a tour operator which included our transfer from Reykjavik, we highly recommend that, especially if travelling in the winter as the roads can get icy.


  • The weather in Iceland is highly unpredictable. You can often experience all four seasons in a single day. Don’t let bad weather keep you from going to the Blue Lagoon. We were here the day a Category 4 hurricane creped up on Reykjavik and it didn’t change our experience at all.


  • If you plan on taking photos inside the Lagoon, use protection. We had a case that did leak and nearly cost us a new iPhone. We recommend investing in a Life Proof Case or a Go Pro.

What package we suggest

  • We went for the most popular package to ensure the complete Blue Lagoon experience. The Premium access cost about €65/97CAD


  • Transportation
  • Entrance to Blue Lagoon
  • Use of a Bathrobe
  • Use of a Towel
  • Slippers
  • 1st drink of your choice at the Bar
  • Skin Care Trial Pack
  • Reserved table at LAVA Restaurant
  • Sparkling wine at LAVA Restaurant

What to check out



The white facemask that you’ve probably seen in photos is the Silica Mud Mask. There are a number of crates around the lagoon where you can spoon out the silica mud for your own use. Apply as much as you want to your face and body, and leave it on for at least 5 minutes. When you wash it off, you will feel a significant difference in the softness of your skin. It may sting a little but that is perfectly normal.

  • Why Silica? It is a mineral intended to have a wide span of benefits for the body it is claimed to boost collagen, give vitality to hair, and slow the aging process. It can help to preserve the integrity of our skin, hair and nails. When applied topically, silica is used for its oil absorbing properties, making it beneficial for acne sufferers. And lastly, it is effective in removing dead skin cells and other skin imperfections.



The sauna and steam baths are carved into the lava rock.


The man-made waterfall works wonders on sore shoulders and stiff muscles.  It is very refreshing and powerful.



And finally we finished off at the Beautiful Lava Restaurant that is embedded into a lava cliff next to the Lagoon with beautiful views. LAVA Restaurant combines modern design with the wild spirit of Icelandic nature. It’s setting is fantastic  for a relaxed lunch or a romantic evening meal.

Featured here is their Cod with sun chokes, almonds, and grapes in a brown butter sauce. This dish was mouth watering and the portions are excellent.


We highly recommend this  check mark to anyone visiting Iceland. It’s the perfect way to relax after a long flight inbound, before a long flight outbound, or take a break from all the adventure seeking.




What we pack: Essentials for your Carry-On


As girls who spend our daily lives bouncing between cities, we’ve experienced a fair share of travel horror stories. When you’re crammed aboard a claustrophobic metal tube with strangers, you’re bound to experience some pretty memorable times. With the right headphones and entertainment, even the longest flight becomes bearable. We have smartened up and created a list of carry-on essentials that will work for any length of flight.

Ladies and Gents, here is out list of carry-on travel essentials…

Hydration Essentials

  • bkr Water Bottle 
  • Cherry Potion- David’s Tea
  • Satevia Alkaline Water Stick

 Entertainment Essentials

  • The Untethered Soul- Michael A. Singer
  • Notebook
  • Pen
  • Apple Ipad Mini
  • Apple Ipod/Headphones

 Nourishment Essentials

  • Vega Peanut Butter Chocolate Protein Bar
  • Vega Electrolyte Hyrdrator-Berry
  • Ener-C- Pineapple Coconut
  • Emergen-C Cranberry Pomegranate/Citrus
  • Calm-Rasberry Lemon
  • 7 day Pill Box

 Beauty Essentials

  •  Ipsy Bag
  • Disposable Toothbrushs w/pick
  • Mouthwash
  • Mini Deodarant
  • Sensodyne Rapid Relief
  • Burt’s Bees Beeswax Lip Balm
  • Clarins Paris Hand and Nail Treatment Cream
  • Cake Satin Sugar Dry Shampoo & Body Powder
  • Everyone Hand Sanitizer Antiseptic Cleanser Spray
  • Collagen Cleansing Cloths Global Beauty Care